Sunday, April 30, 2006

Festival in the Desert

I have heard from a returned Peace Corps friend that this getting a bit expensive, but the Festival in the Desert looks amazing. And it sounds fantastic! Great music quality and fantastic interviews on the link, which is from the 2003 festival. Aside from the great stuff by Ali Farka Toure and many others, Robert Plant, with back up from Touareg musicians, has NEVER sounded better singing Whole Lotta of Love! (At 35:30 on program.) I love the BBC and I want Andy Kershaw's job!

To get more in the mood for the festival in 2007, this is a good one by Tinariwen who made their first instruments from oil cans and broom handles.

I am going!

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Louise said...

Went in 2004 - Ali Farka Toure, Nuru Kane, Afel Bocoum, Tinariwen... Amazing experience, though I am a Maliphile so am biased. But highly recommended!